Nowadays, nobody is surprised by attractive discounts on the primary housing market. Times are hard for builders; according to experts, the sale of apartments in new buildings in Russia will go down for the year by about a quarter. At this time, the trend did not bypass the capital. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there was a decrease in buying activity, and that is why developers, even the most successful and prominent ones, have to fight for every client literally. This is why St. Petersburg and Leningrad region profiles within the portal show more than 500 simultaneous actions: discounts, gifts, and special conditions. 

Despite this, even against this background, some companies manage to make their system of housing offers to customers even more flexible, targeted and accurate than competitors. Euroinvest by Andrey Berezin, a developer who has been actively working in the St. Petersburg agglomeration for dozens of years, should be counted as a Master of Marketing.

For a start, the company offered its clients to subsidize their interest on the loan. In some cases, this allows for an effective mortgage rate of 0.1 percent per annum, turning it into an interest-free loan.

Employees wanted to explain the company’s actions through a specific example: “If you buy a Euro-double on the 6th floor of 34 sq.m. on the 6th floor in the club quarter iD Park Pobedy with a mortgage from VTB at 0.1% per annum for 30 years, your down payment will be 2.074 million rubles, the monthly credit payment amounts to 33 141 rubles, and the interest for the entire term is 177 672 rubles”

Benefits are easy to determine here, and it is sufficient to make a simple comparison. With a similar apartment, bought with the help of a standard basic mortgage program with state support, it would cost almost two million rubles, the monthly payment would be 82 thousand rubles, and the overpayment for the entire term of the loan would grow to 19 million!

In recent months, Euroinvest has gone further and made some more exciting marketing moves. One of them is the installment plan based on the 20-30-50 principle. 20% is the down payment; another 30% has to be paid within a month after the building with the acquired apartment is commissioned, and the remaining 50 within a year from that moment. Of course, the action is not valid for all objects of the company, but only for ID Moskovskyi and ID Park Pobedy. As far as it is known from informed sources, the developer is ready to make similar indulgences for several other positions.

Equally attractive is the offered 5% discount for apartments in iD Svetlanovskiy and 2% discount for apartments in iD Murino II. Considering that in Murino, the studio price starts from 3.6 million rubles, the minimum discount amounts to 72 thousand rubles as a bonus, which is comparable with a monthly income of a decently paid specialist. 

Berezin spoke on the company’s cautious tactics regarding the market in an interview last summer: “We have a few projects at the initial implementation stage, and there are no problems with their financing. For example, we received decisions from the credit committees to give us money for two projects in the city and one in the region. But so far, we are not taking this money because we want to see what happens next.” 

There is no other motivation in the actions of Euroinvest that is well known in the industry. To draw attention away from the reputation miscalculations with the help of discounts and special offers or simply to overcome the negative attitude to a newcomer at the market.

It is worth repeating that the company has been building in the region for a long time, quite a lot and stably, and therefore it is well known to potential customers. Furthermore, the company is considered one of the most honorable and reliable developers in the North-West Region.  

This year the Union of Construction Associations and Organizations of the Leningrad Region has studied the projects implemented by the company in the region. This includes four completed buildings of the iD Murino Residential Complex, the first building of the iD Kudrovo Residential Complex with a total area of over 32 thousand square meters, and facilities in Kudrovo and Murino (second phase) that are under construction. As a result, the company was recognized as the most client-oriented developer in the region. 

However, if all is well with the money and the attitude of clients and business colleagues, why are Berezin and his company so generous?

The top ten developers on the volume of housing output in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in 2022 (10 months), according to the portal
BuilderNo. of apartmentsVolume of housing, thousand sq. m.
Setl Group14 374562
LSR. Nedvizhimost-SZ6 062214
PIC4 052183
Aquilon Group2 459108
Construction Trust1 653105
GC Polis3 05799
Euroinvest1 73079
Etalon Group1 45170
LenOblAIHK1 56566
KVS1 41363

The Experience of Pushing the Boundaries

Perhaps the most complete answer to this question lies in the positioning of Euroinvest as a company that not only wants to make money but to expand the horizons of the possible, to achieves things that others do not even risk trying.

This is not an advertising statement and not an empty word. To confirm the meaningfulness of this thought, it is enough to study the company’s history on the market. 

At one time, Euroinvest brought the fashion for euro-plan apartments to the North-West of Russia. At that time, in the zero decades, it was considered that Russians liked the traditional housing formats established during the Soviet times. When the leading indicator of a comfortable apartment was the size of its living rooms, and all other rooms, from the kitchen to bathrooms, were planned on a residual principle. When Euroinvest offered a qualitatively new format of apartments with open living zones, increased areas of sanitary conveniences, and just a new level of attention to every square meter, each of these improvements caused a sensation. As a result, as experts say, all other things being equal, euro-planned apartments are buying up much faster than traditional Soviet standard ones.

Another innovation that Berezin and his colleagues brought to the construction market of the Northern capital city concerned the choice of places for housing construction. For years, builders were convinced that people were only interested in houses in the existing urban residential development zones. 

Meanwhile, Euroinvest chose to precisely do that; the company formed a vast land wedge by buying shares from some farms’ shareholders in villages near the city limits. In this field, the construction of not individual houses but entire neighborhoods, with streets, squares, kindergartens and schools, and all other necessary elements of urban infrastructure begun.

Something More Than Just Square Meters

The most potent innovation brought to the market by Euroinvest was the transition to a new standard of housing. The company now offers its customers apartments and a more integral, comprehensive product under the new 3ID label. 

The current selling proposition of the company is formulated along with some residential space, positioning the purchaser to get an opportunity to enjoy a complex, diverse and modern environment for work and leisure built on the territory of the residential complex. 

This environment includes a large number of public spaces, organizing a range of areas outdoors. This can range from green spaces, alleys for walks, playgrounds, and outdoor sports complexes. Another part is under the roof to allow for year-round activities; in the indoor format, co-working rooms, conference rooms, rooms for joint leisure activities for children and adults, cinema, and sports halls are created. 

The newest trend in this direction is the development of roofs. There are lounge areas on them in Euroinvest residential complexes, and in the ID Moskovsky housing estate, a fully-fledged SPA complex with a warm pool and a sauna was installed on the roof. 

Despite this, the proposal made by Euroinvest is not limited to this. It includes an event component, which is also aimed at getting the possibility of getting the resident out of the shell of their apartment and making them interested in spending time together on the territory of the housing estate. 

The club format of communication is used for this purpose. Every buyer, along with the keys to the apartment, gets an automatic membership in the club of the corresponding apartment complex. The management company prepares regular events for club members: lectures, screenings, and master classes by renowned specialists. In short, any activity combines cognitive and potential in establishing communication between tenants. 

To all of the above, we should only add a severe social burden, which Euroinvest takes on. The company actively builds kindergartens and schools; it would surprise very few people because other developers conduct such construction. However, this particular developer refers to the structure of social objects with priority attention and never delays their commissioning.

Berezin’s holding takes on complex infrastructure projects; for example, a significant road junction from KAD to Murino was built through its efforts. Altogether, it clearly shows that Euroinvest St. Petersburg agglomeration has got a leader of technological and conceptual changes aimed at development and prosperity not only for himself, but for the whole environment where the company’s staff lives and works. A flexible marketing policy in this context means to improve financial results and a resource for promoting these modern values. 


Andrey Berezin was born in 1967 in Leningrad. He graduated from high school №239 with an advanced study of mathematics. In 1990 he graduated with honors from Leningrad Ustinov Mechanical Institute. In 1990 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad Ustinov Mechanical Institute, where he specialized in automatic control systems for aircraft. During his studies, he was Lenin’s and Ustinov’s scholar and had scientific publications. In 1990 he enrolled in a post-graduate course at LMI and started a similar business. 

In 1993 he took part in creating the North-West Fisheries Company. In 1995, together with Yury Vasilyev, he founded the Euroinvest investment company and had been its Chairman of the Board ever since.

Today Euroinvest is a diversified holding company, which includes companies and projects from different economic sectors.

One of the directions of Euroinvest work is legal and engineering support for developing land plots and territories in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, and other areas.

At the end of 2017, Euroinvest Group created its construction division Euroinvest Development, which is engaged in the construction of housing and other objects, thus forming an entire cycle development business.

A relatively new direction for Euroinvest is the agro-industrial sector. Agrocluster Krasnoye Znamya in the Pskov region specializes in producing grain and fodder for livestock.

In May 2017, the managers of IC Euroinvest established a venture fund Euro Venture with an initial amount of € 10 million. Priority investment areas are innovative developments in the scientific and technical sphere and projects in the creative industry.

In 2017, Berezin was awarded a certificate of merit by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for his significant contribution to developing the Russian industry and many years of diligent work.

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