Buffalo Survival Simulator

Buffalo Survival Simulator

Live the experience of being a buffalo and survive in this 3D simulation game Come take this epic journey. Wild Dog Survival Simulator Realistic survival simulator in the forest Play with wild bear, fox, wolf, deer and others is our forest animal simulator! Be Wild Tiger - Play Wild Animal Games in Tiger Simulator! Do Angry Tiger Hunt! Enjoy the whole life of this beautiful home pet! Survive the wild - action packed animal simulator. Elephant Survival Simulator Wreck the whole town with aggression & vengeance by creating destruction & chaos Help this big dog survive in Dog Survival Simulator Collect resources, craft and survive in Survival Simulator 3D !!! Live in the wilderness of jungle!

Make tiger family & clan, hunt for survival Real life of wild horse, raise family, breeding, fighting, magic attacks & more Hunt down prey to feed your pride, battle deadly bosses, and raise lion cubs! Go to Arctic with a penguin bird family in a polar animal survival simulator! Become a Tiger simulator showoff his wildness Bushnell Ballistics hunt down animal in the Jungle Take down the jungle & town as mighty Hydra Snake Beast with multiple faces. Explore the forest as a real lizard! Survive on a raft and explore the latest release of our shark survival games! Survive on a lost desert island with this simulator - hunt, battle and explore! Fight for you life as a stalker with City Craft Survival Simulator in 3D! Survive on a cube island with this simulator!

Stay alive to get back home! Explore hot savannah being one of its beautiful animals! Just Survive is a Modern Action Shooting Combat Adventure Sandbox Simulator Game Spread your leather wings and take silent flight just like a real vampire bat! Orca survival against shark attacks and giant octopus in this fun 3D game. Play wild animal games - Be wild tiger make family, clan & hunt the animals. Survive exploring Africa with this simulator - hunt, craft, battle and explore! Craft your raft for ocean survival and beware of shark! You are alone on an island with hungry animals - try to survive! Massive open world 3D map.

Huge Bears. What could be more fun? Survive in the wild environment of Ice Age like a wonderful prehistoric elephant Become this mighty fantastic monster and explore the large world! Play as a majestic snow leopard & protect your cubs as you roam the forest! Be a wild tiger, show off your hunting and survival skills in ultimate jungle Something terrible happened and you are alone on island survival! Ride your wild horse in this western race!

Become a real cowboy! Explore lost topical island as a man survived a plane crash with this simulator Rush through the woods, hunt the pitiful prey and rule the wilderness! Survive in dangerous world of wild animals with rhinoceros. Play Rhino simulator Survive on this strange island full of secrets and dangers! Live the life of little forest rodent with Forest Squirrel Simulator 3D! This young lion needs your help to rebuild his clan. Clan of Lions 3D Animal Sim Survival Games Crafting and Building Lion multiplayer, explore different locations!

Make family, fight other animals Start with nothing and hunt, craft and research to survive. Are you ready? Donít get frozen and stay alive at all costs with Siberian Survival: Winter 2! Live the life of wild Wolf! Survive in Australia island! Stay alive and escape from dangerous place in world Live with the wild animals of African Savannah in a new survival game! Explore pixel island, battle against animals and hunt with 3D survival simulator Play as wild crocodile!

Create family! Breed eggs & hunt for hunger & survival Live the life of Wild Cougar! Live the life of wild Lion! Survive in apocalyptic USSR & escape deadly virus in multiplayer survival game ? Feel the romance of a village dog life with Dog Pack Simulator! Survive the desert and green Jungle with family. Become a wild rabbit in jungle! fight for survival! find mate & start breeding Live the life of Wild Eagle! Live life of wild leopard, raise family, breeding, jungle magic fights & racing Crafting Building Survival Game Live life of wild spider!

find mate & clan! hunt & fight with monster predators Survive in dangerous world of wild animals. Play hyena simulator. Panthers run wild! Become the hunter in a wild panther simulation adventure! Rescue animals, save street dogs and transport them to safe haven. Now with MULTIPLAYER!! Sabertooth Tiger Chase Simulator. Play as realistic wild tiger and survive in the wilderness of forest. Horse survival simulator.

Attack & defeat wild animals as an angry stallion Play as wild tiger! Hunt & fight to save pregnant tigress in savanna forest! Fight for your life in cold Siberian taiga with winter survival simulator in 3D! Brand new survival games ó raft survival in the middle of the ocean. Best Elephant Simulator as lord of the jungle to show the power skills on beasts Play as wild lion, raise family! Fight with ultimate bosses as clan of beasts Live the life of ultimate wild wolf, Survive and protect your family in jungle. Play as cheetah!

Create family! Breed Cubs! Upgrade home! Explore new locations! Wilderness survival game. Travel to safety. Please turn on sounds. Deadly battles & fighting of wild lion with anaconda snake for kingdom of jungle Animal Simulator - Explore the insect world and establish your ant colony Live the life of your favorite Jungle animal in an open-world survival game! Crash, destroy, survive on city streets as a wild bull with Crazy Bull Simulator Try to survive on the Island!

Tame or hunt dinosaurs! Are you ready to escape alive from mysterious Wild Island? Plan Ultimate Mission Check your gamerís skills as a Dalmatian dog! Explore and escape an island in raft and prove yourself as a deadly hunter. Spider Insect Simulator - Explore the insect world and establish a spider nest Be an angry anaconda to slay your victim in lush green forest and eat animals. Be a crafting & building king! Kong games in savanna safari.

Adventure in Africa Hunt, craft and build and explore to survive. Play as real Wild Elephant! Live the life of wild Crocodile! Live the life of a wild cheetah, survive & protect your family in vast jungle Survive in dangerous world of wild animals. Play wild leopard simulator. Become a cute llama trying to survive in a huge wilderness full of predators! Play as wild deer! Raise family, make clan, British Columbia Newspapers with animals & many more Explore a Realistic Lion Simulation and Dominate Jungle! Be wild wolf simulator explore the jungle protect your family & fight to survive Fly in the sky and live the life of a most popular city bird - a pigeon! Our new simulator of animals survival will take you to wild Savannah! Live the life of black panther to attack wild animals in forest and raise family


Live the life of ultimate wild wolf, Survive and protect your family in jungle. Play as cheetah! Create family! Breed Cubs! Upgrade home! Explore new locations! Wilderness survival game. Travel to safety. Please turn on sounds.

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